President’s Message

August 2018

“Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.” John Crawford Crosby (June 15, 1859 – October 14, 1943) American U.S. politician from the State of Massachusetts

Our Chapter SRA Candidates need your help.

Are you a SRA Designated Member? YES
Do you want to be a mentor? YES
Did you know AI offers continuing education credit for being a Candidate Advisor? To sign up, go to:
“How do we keep the SRA Designation No. 1 in the industry,” and “What can AI do to help existing and upcoming SRA Members?” Here is your chance to give AI your thoughts and ideas. I’m inviting you to join me in brainstorming solutions for our AI Board to consider. Please email Patti if you are interested, and I’ll contact you soon.
We all know past recessions have taken a toll on residential appraisers. With automated valuation models competing for this space, SRAs may seem like the “endangered species” of our industry. State licensing is down and our education enrollment numbers have fluctuated, making it difficult to prepare our annual budgets.
Regretfully, our Chapter Board had to cancel several of our Summer Residential course offerings due to low enrollment. It is unfortunate, but we can’t ask our Chapter Members to subsidize these potential losses by raising dues or cancelling programs such as LDAC. While these courses are offered online, we also don’t want students to lose the networking opportunities.
Before you say, “I’m too busy,” please understand that we need your knowledge and expertise so AI can stay at the forefront of appraisal excellence. Before closing, I would like to say thank you to the following local Candidate Advisors for their commitment:
MAI Members: Chris Alfaro, Charles Bartlett, Colleen Matthies, Alexander Nunn, Brad Woodall, Andre Desjardins, Eric Schneider
SRA Members: David Eshelman, Doranne Godwin


Eva Stresemann, MAI

(858) 694-2732