President’s Message

October 2018

Clothes make a statement. Costumes tell a story.” Mason Cooley, an American aphorist and professor of English and world literature (1927 to 2002)

Halloween is around the corner, and what could be scarier?

  • Being two credits short of renewing your license (
  • Taking 7 hours of USPAP (October 5, 2018 with Mike Mason, MAI, SRA)
  • Saying “Yes” when you mean “No” for taking on more work
  • Turning a year older
  • Hearing more “fake” news
  • Finding your true weight

Be truthful to your clients, stay true to yourself, your teachings, your staff, and colleagues. Your clients will respect you for it and keep coming back.

Best Witches,

Eva Stresemann, MAI

(858) 694-2732